Private yoga is on your terms. Privates are the perfect solution for beginners, yogi's looking to deepen a practice, injury recovery, pain management, those concerned about alignment and need hands on adjustments or have a crazy life and need a moment just for you. I teach a wide variety of styles and can accommodate your needs.


The cost of each session is dependent on the needs of the students and the location of the practice. Location could be a mutual spot or at your house.


Have friends and family that want to join? A small group sessions can be a fun experience geared to your group's needs. 


Reach out, get the ball rolling, together we'll find a time, place, and price that works


I have been taking private yoga lessons with Kevin for over a year. He is a really skilled yoga teacher who will accommodate sessions to your needs and meet you wherever you are at in your practice. My classes are to help with stress relief and I always leave feeling calmer and more relaxed. It is an hour that I can focus on myself without any outside distractions at all. Kevin challenges me, but also understands my limits. He caters the sessions to my needs and is very in tune with what I am needing from the practice. I was recently pregnant and we did prenatal yoga for majority of my pregnancy. Kevin was knowledgeable about stretches and poses that would help with certain problem areas and also preparing for delivery. We also did some meditating which helped to calm my anxieties about the pregnancy. I love the one on one attention and would highly recommend Kevin for private sessions! 

  • One on one attention 

  • Proper alignment is experienced in each pose

  • Led at the student's pace

  • Great for beginners 

  • Sessions are tailored to the students needs

  • Can be held anywhere, including your home. 

  • Hands on adjustments 

  • Greater focus achieved with less distractions

  • Can work toward advanced poses with proper alignment and assistance 

  • Tailored for injury recovery

  • Find a greater sense of calm and peace