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Tuesday  at 9:00pm Restorative Yoga  

*Eastern Standard Time*

Restorative Yoga plan for 70 minutes


Join Zoom Meeting

Suggested donation $5-$20 
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 


Venmo: @KL-LV

*Grab blocks, strap, bolster, blanket, and have access to the wall. If you don't have those props grab: 4 thick books, a belt or old long sleeve shirt (don't care if it gets stretched out), and 2-3 pillows or a rolled up sleeping bag. Don't let not having props stop you from attending, poses can be modified. Plan for a 75 minute practice, we'll end with a meditation.

Public Classes


9:15am Twisted Hot Yoga 

12:00 Twisted Hot Yoga 
Sweet Heat 


9:15am Twisted Hot Yoga 
Sweet Heat 

9:00pm on Zoom Restorative 


12:00pm Twisted Hot Yoga 

4:30pm Twisted Hot Yoga 
Sweet Heat 


6:00pm Live Unprocessed 
Align & Form


"For my 40th birthday, I decided to try yoga to have a healthier back and healthier mind.

First yoga class ever was with Kevin! And it stuck! I have been practicing for two years and counting!

His classes were perfect for me.

Meditations entering and finishing the classes were without too many words, just food for thought, without unnecessary noise. 

Entering class, it felt like entering a different, calmer world.

Classes themselves were hard, sweaty, but guided with sense of humor. Entire room of people were enjoying this communal effort.

Kevin is one of very few teachers, who performs hands on adjustments. Somehow he does it without invading personal space.

Perfect music. 

After each class I felt tired, but at the same time , full of this new mental energy.

Before he left our studio, Kevin built a big group of followers. We were all devastated when he moved out of state. Please come back!"

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