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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

An intention is choosing something to amplify or cultivate in your life or practice. It can be anything that creates an internal stillness or calmness, once your mind connects with it during your yoga practice. That is why the teacher might remind you of your intention on breath #18 of warrior 2 on the first side, or because they want to fill the silence while you breathe to breaths 19 & 20. While you're in intense sensation you can notice an internal calmness. An intention can be a word: Love, Peace, Gratitude, or Forgiveness. It can be a person or specific qualities of a person that comes to mind. Never a right or wrong intention. Understand that every moment holds with it a choice for you to become closer to your intention or farther away. Can you bring your intention of peace to someone that harms you? In an instant your intention could change to ill-will, hate, or destruction. Observe your reactions and choose what brings you closer to uplifting, loving, and creating peace. Happy Intention Setting


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