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Weekly Wisdom

As part of my yoga classes I set aside a few minutes for students to find an intention for their practice. Somewhere along the lines my intentions turned into quotes, teachings, poems, or anything that struck me as undeniable truth. As I was moving out of IL a student referred to it as Kevin's Weekly Wisdom.

If you've taken my class you've probably seen this little red book accompanying me. I had a seasonal job at Lululemon in Oak Brook Mall and upon being brought on for the season they gave everyone a little moleskin notebook. I thought thanks for the gift but what am I going to do with this? Once the seasonal position was done and life settled back to whatever normal was at the time. I started putting class sequences and inspirational quotes in here. As I was teaching more and more it became less sequences and more quotes. It is almost full and time for a new one. It's still great to flip through the pages and see the inspiration that was shared with different classes and groups. It has been a great resource since students have regularly asked, "What was that thing you shared in class last week?" A lot of pictures have been taken of these pages by students needing to take the inspiration with them.


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